Manufacturer of plastic timber in the country
Manufacturer of plastic timber in the country
Manufacturer of plastic timber in the country
Manufacturer of plastic timber in the country

Pavilions & Pergoula

Nowadays using alcove as a compact space for Reception in restaurant and hotels, Family gathering, villas Supplement and the main part of roof gardens is increased and the main use of modern Structures is providing calmness. If you want only Shadow Trade you can use pergola

Building Facades

The facade, is one of the most important part of a building. The beautiful appearance of the interior and exterior facades, show us the owner’s style. Due to the widely usage of wood in building facade, Natwood company started to design modern facades with completely woodplast or mix with other material.

Urban Furniture

Urban furniture is a structure that build for a special use in public or private spaces and it provides the beauty and comfort of the environment. These structures include two categories: 1→They have a special form (like poles) and 2→they have not a special but they can be re-designed (like bins, trashes, benches and etc.). Natwood Company start to design modern urban furniture by using woodplast with High durability and creative design that it responds to all requirements of our customers.

Pool & Flooring

You might think of using wood to build the pool or flooring that has to hit, atmospheric pressure and so difficult, but wood-plastic in such a way that the lift all restrictions Wood is one of the best materials and construction work in the field is.

Roof Garden

Due to the lack of green areas in cities and also the bustle and automation of the roof of the neck as a space that can be used for some time in the relaxing experience and also requires extra space is not very spread. According to the Roof Garden is located in a small sample timber gardens are an essential ingredient as it is a special place. Nat Wood Company utilizes a plastic timber to design and implement a variety of samples from the Roof Garden has a variety of public and private spaces

Foreign Designs

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Wood's place in human life.

Wood as a building material has long been an important place in human life. Since that early man discovered fire wood used as firewood. Later, the first settlements that are man-made, all log cabins that arrangement Timber Wood arose and went on human use of wood boat and buggy and the first human invention in the field of housing and transport and transportation were made of wood.

Appearance & Texture Similar To Wood

Because 70% of the wood formed the nature of the product appearance and texture of the wood is quite similar

Installation, Easy Maintenance

This product because of the nature of their timber can be installed easily and also if needed after installation is easily replaceable


This product is 100% recyclable and can be unusable for any reason profiles that have been re-enter the production line

Termite & Rodent Resistant

This product is due to the nature of the plastic used against termites and rodents that a major problem in the use of wood is resistant


Wood plastic for high durability and low maintenance costs in the long run is quite effective.

Anti-mold & Peeling

WPC because not all profiles are similar laminated anti-scaling and anti-mildew properties have been added


Fully waterproof styrofoam timber that could even be used in the bathhouse and pool and the most important distinguishes it from wood.


Nat Wood Extruded wood fire has been ignited in the sense that if and gradually spread its fire

Save Time & Energy

Since the installation of this product is very low compared to other products with similar applications


Production of plastic granules and wood composite profiles the company started its activities in the province of Khorasan Razavi, Mashhad holy city began in Science and Technology Park and Industrial Park sycamore now engaged in production of pellets and wood-plastic profiles are

Nil Afshan Toos company in 2007 to work as a manufacturers of wood-plastic composite profiles Nano (Nano-Wood Plastic Composite) and wood granules of plastic polymers based on PVC, PE, PP Iran began

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